Anti-microbial detergent sanitizer, containing a twin chain quaternary ammonium based biocide with broad activity spectrum against bacteria, moulds, yeasts, algae and enveloped viruses. It has high tolerance to organic soiling, hard water and anionic residues, good surfactant properties, wide use acceptance and a large amount of toxicological and ecotoxicological data. The active agent of Biguacide typically exhibits the highest biocidal efficacy of all the quaternary compounds. The performance advantage is especially evident in the presence of hard water and organic soiling, compared with simple Benzalkonium chloride quaternaries.

Ideal product for sanitizing all types of surfaces and equipment etc. suitable for use in medical establishments such as doctors surgeries, dentists, clinics and throughout the food industry.
Rinsing is not normally required, however it is necessary to rinse surfaces and equipment which will have direct contact with food after sanitising to prevent Biocide/Food contamination. Conforms to BS EN 1276 (up to 50 parts warm water 1 mins contact time) Rinse.

Supplied in various formats, 750ml, 5 – 25 litre for dilution via our Eco-mix/shot dispensing systems, for safety and economy. Also supplied in 750ml ready to use trigger sprays.

Bacteriostatic Activity