Clean ‘N’ Shine


Clean ‘n’ Shine has been specially formulated as a neutral disinfecting cleaner and deodoriser with added polymer to produce and maintain a high gloss finish on polished and unpolished floor surfaces. Clean ‘n’ Shine leaves a very pleasant fresh oudor after use and can be buffed with either standard or high speed machines to produce a film which will resist spillages, scuff marks, scratches etc.

Clean ‘n’ Shine effectively reduces the need for more subsequent polish applications which makes this very cost effective whilst maintaining a high standard of cleanliness. Clean ‘n’ Shine contains a powerful QAC bactericide, which, like Daily Kleen, is effective against a wide range of organisms.

Apply with clean mop or spray. Clean ‘n’ Shine is strongly recommended for the modern high speeds system.

Supplied in 4×5 litre packs.