Deep Kleen ‘House Care’

Product Description

Cleans – kills germs and freshens with an exotic fragrance of mango. A unique blend of mild acids and surfactants for periodic cleaning with stain, rust and scale removing power for hard floors and wall surfaces. Ideal for use in en-suit and washroom facilities – showers and baths, on ceramics including sinks, basins etc. `safe on chrome and stainless steel. Enhances the exotic fragrance of other ‘House Care’ products.

Effective against a wide range of organisms and viruses including MRSA bacteria. – Conforms to BS EN 1276 (up to 50 parts warm water 1 mins contact time) Rinse.

Supplied in various formats: – ‘Ready to use’ – 6x750ml foam trigger spray or 2×5 litre pack with tap and foam trigger spray. ‘Concentrate’ – 2×5 litre pack with 30mil dosage dispenser or via our Eco-mix/shot dilution system for safety and economy.

Bacteriostatic Activity



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