Diamond Sheen


Diamond Sheen is a completely new concept in floor protection, which leaves a unique ‘plastic type film’ on floor surfaces, to protect against rubber heel marking, dirt and soils. Diamond Sheen contains high solids and is extremely hard wearing and is recommended for high traffic floor areas. Diamond Sheen contains a carrier solvent to penetrate deep down into floor surfaces combined with special integrated modified waxes and polymers to produce a permanent flexible seal for lino, vinyl, thermoplastic and most other types of floor surfaces.

With its new formula, Diamond Sheen levels ‘flat’ with only minimum high spots. Therefore the surface remains unaffected, giving lasting flexible protection for longer periods of time. Because of Diamond Sheen’s exceptional leveling qualities, and with the aid of a carrier solvent, product use can be reduced by a remarkable 50% on conventional floor polishes.

Supplied in 4×5 litre packs.