Dreem (Disinfection Regime to Ensure Eradication of Microorganisms)


Disinfection Regime to Ensure Eradication of Microorganisms

A neutral liquid cleaner combined with an effective QAC bactericide. Non-toxic and effective in hard and soft water areas.

This general purpose cleaner is ideal for light duty cleaning and sterilizing and is therefore recommended for areas where control of infection or odour is of prime importance. Kills most known germs and viruses which cause HIV and Hepatitis B. Effective against a wide range of organisms, including salmonella. Conforms to BS EN 1276 (up to 50 parts warm water 1 mins contact time) Rinse.

Suitable for use in medical establishments such as doctors surgeries, dentists and clinics and through out the food industry.

New Dreem Coronavirus Concentrate and Ready to Use’ approved formula

Effective against coronavirus covid 19, conforms to BS EN 1276 (1 Mins contact time) BS EN 14476 & BS EN 13697 (5 Mins contact time)

Dilution rate 4% ‘30mils per 750ml’ and 200 mils per 5ltr

Supplied in various formats, 5-25 litre for dilution via our Eco-mix/shot dispensing systems, for safety and economy and also 750ml ready to use trigger sprays.

Bacteriostatic Activity


Dreem RTU