From the Beginning

Wickham Industries was founded in 1979.  Kevin Wickham, who worked in technical sales for a multi-national organisation, was convinced that the time had come for an independent manufacturer to provide quality products from a family orientated company, who could provide a better personal service.

What began in a rented warehouse with a small ice cream mixing vessel borrowed from a friend, has grown into a modern, diverse company, whose products are used throughout the world, but continue to maintain their family identity and values.

Our principle guide is the safety of the many business partners who use our products and to maintain our quality portfolio at a competitive price.

Some of our well established customers who we have been in business partnership with for over 25 years, include companies such as ‘Procter & Gamble’ (cosmetics) ‘Croda International’ ‘Sue Ryder Care’ and ‘Thomas the Baker’ who operate with many retail outlets throughout the UK.

We have grown bigger by being better and will continue to innovate and inspire others, to help improve their lives and well-being.